Advisor Resources

Are you interested in, or currently, serving as a student organization advisor? If so, you're in the right place! This page serves as a resource for all student organization advisors.  Please browse for details on your role as an advisor, ways you can support your students, and how to utilize the Office of Student Organizations and Activities for assistance.


What Does An Advisor Do?

All student organization advisors are required to have a full-time faculty or staff member serve as their professional advisor.  Serving as an advisor gives organizations the chance to exist and operate on campus, allowing the students to participate in campus life and gain valuable leadership experience.  The level of involvement for advisors varies from organization to organization.  The role of the advisor is to serve as a professional resource to students as they work to manage their organization. The advisor oversees the general functions of the group, provides insight into group operations, and assists the group in whichever ways they see fit.  The advisor is also required to serve as a Campus Security Authority, which involves a brief training.


Campus Security Authority

All student organization advisors are required to complete Campus Security Authority training.  The training must happen once every calendar year (January-December). You will be notified of your enrollment in the training when your organization registers, or re-registers.  Veronda Lewis ( will send you relevant information, but feel free to reach out to her if you have questions about your training.



All organizations are required to register through OrgSync, and advisors are required to be on the portal as well. When your organization registers, you should get an email prompt from OrgSync.  This email serves to get you signed onto OrgSync, as well as completing a form acknowledging your CSA training requirement.  If you are having difficulties navigating or accessing OrgSync, please contact Caitlyn Walsh, our AD for Student Organizations, at (859) 218-1771 or To learn more about OrgSync, check out our 'OrgSync' tab at the top of this page.


Recommend an Advisor!

Do you know someone who would be an awesome student organization advisor? Would you like to serve as a student org advisor? Send us names! We continuously have students creating brand new organizations, and they are always in search of a faculty or staff advisor. Fill out this form to recommend someone or to volunteer, and we will add the names to our Potential Advisor Database.