What is the first step towards registering my organization?

Attend an orientation session- find more information here.


Once I submit the online registration application, is my group registered?

No, for your group to be officially registered, all advisor approvals and administrative verifications must be completed first. Once ALL steps are

completed, we ask for 5-10 business days (2 full weeks) to approve your request.


Who can be an advisor for my group?

Any full-time UK faculty or staff member.


Is registration only online?

Yes. To register your organization visit BBNvolved


What are the University regulations for Student Organizations?

Click here to find out about student organization regulations and important campus resources.


How can I update information about my group online?

The current president or advisor can log into the BBNvolved with their Link Blue credentials and update information for the group. You must be an administrator to your organization's BBNvolved page to make updates.  


As an administrator:

1. Go to the switchboard (grouping of mini squares near your picture/name)

2. select manage

3. select “register new organization”

4. search for your organization

5. select “re-register”

6. complete all steps


If you need to make updates outside of a registration period, you can do so:

1. Go to the switchboard (grouping of mini squares near your picture/name)

2. select manage

3. Select the organization you need to update

4. Select the menu (3 lines to the left of your organization name)

5. Select “About”

6. Make updates as necessary and update


All updates will be approved by the office within 5-10 business days.


You need to make updates but you're not an administrator? Ask a current administrator to add you or e-mail Caitlyn.Walsh@uky.edu with your organization's name requesting access.  


Do organizations have to re-register every year?

Yes, registration is only for one year and expires on May 1st of the academic year. We begin re-registering organizations in early April and continues through mid-        September.


What is the role of an advisor?

Advisors with each organization have varying levels of involvement, but they are a resource to the organization, help the group navigate the UK regulations/guidelines and help the officers to transition from year to year. An advisor should be connected with or interested in the purpose and function of the group.


Do all registered student organizations automatically receive funding once they are registered?

No, funding is only available through the Student Government Association funding request process. For more details on the process, please visit www.uksga.org.



How does my organization reserve a room in the Student Center or outside on campus?

You may request space on campus online at http://meetatbigblue.uky.edu.  For questions regarding events on campus or space reservations, please contact the Office of University Events at events@uky.edu or 859-323-8054.


Is there an online calendar for posting student organization events?

The University Calendar can be found here and student organization events can be found here.


If my organization is having a meeting and we want food, do we have to go through UK Dining?

If your meeting or event is in a building with a dining facility (i.e. the Gatton Student Center or The 90), you must use UK Dining for catering needs.


How/Where can I print posters/flyers for my organization?

For smaller print jobs, you can use the Student Organization printing services- See HERE for more information about prints and how to submit. For larger print or copy jobs, you can use the Ricoh Document Service Center (locations included Whitehall Classroom Building, W.T. Young library, and the Medical Education-Dental Science building.)