Leadership Quick Reference Guides

Leadership Quick Reference Guides


Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Emotional Intelligence is the capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, and manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt to environments or achieve one's goal(s).


Relational Leadership Model

Relational Leadership refers to a model or perspective on leadership that focuses on the idea that leadership effectiveness has to do with the ability of the leader to create positive relationships within the organization


Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is a leadership philosophy. The servant-leader shares power, puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible. Servant leadership turns the power pyramid upside down which puts the customer service associates at top of pyramid; instead of the people working to serve the leader, the leader exists to serve the people. When leaders shift their mindset and serve first, they unlock purpose and ingenuity in those around them, resulting in higher performance and engaged, fulfilled employees.


Social Change Model

The model is inclusive in that it is designed to enhance the development of leadership qualities in all participants- those who hold formal leadership positions as well as those who do not - and to promote a process that is inclusive and actively engages all who wish to contribute. the model examines leadership development from three different perspectives or levels: the individual, the group, the community.


Student Leadership Challenge

Any student can be a leader, regardless of age and experience. Grounded in over 30 years of extensive research, the authors have identified The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® that are common when leaders are able to make extraordinary things happen. Those five practices are: Model The Way, Inspire A Shared Vision, Challenge The Process, Enable Others To Act, and Encourage The Heart