Organization Registration

Registering Your Organization

All student organizations must register each academic year. By completing the registration process, student organizations are able to receive a variety of resources including access to on-campus room reservations, locker storage space, access to copying machines, student government funding, and more.  Registration for the 2019 - 2020 academic year has closed for the Fall semester.  Registration for this academic year will reopen on January 6th.  Below is an overview of the registration requirements for all organizations, both new and reregistering.



Student Organization Registration

(Both new and re-registering organizations)

Are you interested in forming a new organization on campus? That's great! We are excited to hear more about your organization. Re-registering your organization? Awesome! We can't wait for your organization to continue at UK!


Contact with questions


1. Review the Organization Training PowerPoint HERE

2. Complete your Organization Training online HERE

3. Have your advisor complete the required Advisor Form. Share THIS LINK with your advisor for completion.

4. Update or Create your organization's profile on BBNvolved. Follow steps listed HERE

  • You have to be a member of your organization's page on BBNvolved to submit a registration update
  • Not sure if you're a member? Check on BBNvolved:
  • You are not a member of your organization? E-mail with your name, linkblue ID, and name of your organization


What do I need to list on my organization's BBNvolved profile?

Required information includes:

  • Organization Profile picture - add a picture or logo to visually represent your organization on BBNvolved 
  • People
    • 3 student officers
      • All officers must be in good standing-2.0 or above GPA and no outstanding conduct issues
        • Name
        • Student ID Number
        • Email
        • LinkBlue ID
    • 3 Event Management System (EMS) Contacts (can only be student officers)
      • Name
      • Student ID Number
    • 1 full time faculty or staff advisor
      • Name
      • Email
      • Department/job title
    • Upload your organization's roster
  • Organization category
    • Select from a list of categories, select the best representation of your organization
    • May select 1-3 categories
  • Organization Constitution (see more information below about creating or editing your constitution)
    • Must include a non-discriminatory statement-Open to all students 
    • Ex. "Membership open to all UK students regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, faith, age, gender, gender identity, and expression, sex, sexuality, economic class, social class, and all other identities represented on our campus."
    • Ex. "All members and associate members are free to leave and disassociate without fear of retribution, retaliation, or harassment." 


Model Constitution (Editable Word Doc)

This is a guideline for organizations to create their own constitution. Every group must have a constitution and will need to upload it into their online registration application. An organizational constitution must meet the following criteria to meet UK's standards: group must be non-discriminatory, only current students can be officers, membership requirements must be defined and the document must indicate how leaders are selected from term to term.


Approval Process

Once all registration steps are completed in your registration or re-registration process, the Student Organizations and Activities staff will review your organization's registration submission. After all information is verified, your organizations registration will be approved. Please allow for 5-10 business days once ALL steps are completed.



Additional student organization information and FAQ can be found in the student organization handbook - HERE

Contact with any additional questions.