The best leaders focus on things they are good at; things that allow them to capitalize on their talents and build a better, more effective team.  StrengthsQuest offers a valuable tool to support student organizations, leaders, and campus departments by helping them reach greater success. Strengths workshops help create a team dynamic that welcomes, values, and utilizes each member’s talents.


Utilizing research conducted over 3 decades, spanning 30+ cultures, Gallup researchers discovered  that the best leaders have over 430+ talents, which were then condensed to 34 themes and 4 domains.  While everyone has all 34 themes in some capacity, five rise to the top.  These are your Strengths.  

To better understand your Strengths and learn how to use them in your everyday life, join us for a StrengthsQuest workshop!  You may also request a personalized workshop for your department, group, or organization, or request a 1:1 coaching session with one of our trained Strengths Coaches. Please make all requests at least 2 weeks in advance so that we may accommodate your schedule.  

Introduction to StrengthsQuest

Did you know you are uniquely talented? No one is quite like you.  Discovering your talents and building your strengths are key to enhancing your skills as a leader. This workshop will help students understand their own top 5 Strengths, explore their personal talents, and discover the power of Strengths based leadership.  We will discuss what you already do well and how you can use Strengths to build your leadership.


Utilizing Your Strengths

How can you capitalize on your Strengths to make you a better, more effective leader?  This workshop will take Strengths a step further, and help you discover how you can utilize your Strengths to become a stronger leader.  


Building Effective Teams

Great teams do not just happen, they are created.  This workshop will explore methods for building effective teams using the Strengths philosophy, and will discuss how to build upon already developed teams to work more efficiently.  Participants will understand their own Strengths, and the Strengths of their peers, and how to communicate effectively to be the best possible team.  


Strengths and Career  

Learn how to utilize your Strengths to help you in your chosen career path.  Learn how to capitalize on your Strengths during the job search, and how to apply them to resumes, interviews, cover letters, and more.