What is the first step towards registering my organization?

Review the registration steps and required materials here.


Once I submit the online registration application, is my group registered?

No, for your student group to be officially registered, all registration materials and steps must be completed. Once ALL steps are

completed, we ask for 3-5 business days to complete the review of your registration request.


Who can be an advisor for my group?

Any regular, full-time UK faculty or staff member.


Is registration only online?

Yes, student organization registration is done through BBNvolved, the online hub for involvement at the University of Kentucky.


What are the University regulations and policies for Student Organizations?

Click here to find out about important policies for student organizations.


Do organizations have to re-register every year?

Yes, registration is only for one year and expires at the end of the Spring semester. Re-registration for the next academic year begins in April.


Do all registered student organizations automatically receive funding once they are registered?

No, funding is only available through the Student Government Association funding request process. For more details on the process, please visit www.uksga.org.