Important Policies for Student Organizations

Unrecognized Student Groups:

Unrecognized Student Groups are defined in this policy as student groups who are not registered in accordance with AR 4:1 and/or student organizations that have a revoked status through the Office of Student Conduct.

Dean of Students, Student Organization Event Policy

The updated Student Organization Event Policy effective as of September 22, 2023 is linked here. This policy outlines the requirements for all student organizations to follow when hosting events of any kind on or off-campus. 

Student Organization International Travel Procedures

These procedures are meant to provide additional structure for student organizations traveling internationally so that the University can better support their health, safety and security while outside the US. These procedures apply to student organizations, both RSOs and SSOs, traveling outside the 50 U.S. states, including travel to U.S. territories. 

Administrative Regulation 4:1, Recognition of Student Organizations (AR 4:1): 

In conformity with requirements of the Office of Student Organizations and Activities, any student group any seek recognition as a Registered Student Organization (RSO) or a Sponsored Student Organization (SSO) by applying to the Office of Student Organizations and Activities and any other appropriate University offices. This regulation defines the two types of registered student organizations (RSO and SSO), and establishes the privileges, rules, and procedures for registration. RSOs and SSOs are held responsible for compliance with Administrative Regulation 4:10, Code of Student Conduct. 

Administrative Regulation 4:10, Code of Student Conduct (AR 4:10): 

The University of Kentucky (UK) is committed to promoting a safe, healthy, student-centered, and inclusive community.  UK strives to create an environment where students can engage in academic inquiry and campus life.

The student conduct process helps Students learn, mature, and develop greater self-awareness while balancing the needs of the UK community.  When student behavior does not model UK’s values, the student conduct process is used to uphold the standards of UK.

Administrative Regulation 6:1, Policy on Discrimination and Harassment (AR 6:1)

The University is committed to maintaining an environment free of prohibited discrimination, which includes sexual and other forms of harassment. Discrimination and harassment are prohibited between members of the University community and are not tolerated.

Administrative Regulation 6:2, Policy and Procedures for Addressing and Resolving Allegations of Sexual Harassment Under Title IX and Other Forms of Sexual Misconduct (AR 6:2)

This Administrative Regulation establishes the University’s policies and procedures for addressing and resolving allegations of Sexual Harassment under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. This regulation also applies to acts of retaliation as defined in the Title IX implementing regulations and types of Sexual Misconduct not contemplated by the Title IX implementing regulations. This regulation does not include Sexual Harassment or other forms of sex or gender-based discrimination covered by Title VII or that fall within Administrative Regulation 6:1, Policy on Discrimination and Harassment.

Administrative Regulation 6:4, University Alcohol Policy (AR 6:4)

This regulation establishes the University's policies and procedures for using, serving, and selling alcoholic beverages on property owned, leased, or controlled by the University, and at University events.

The University is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for all members of the University community. The possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages is controlled by Kentucky law, local ordinances, and University regulations. All members of the University community shall abide by these laws and regulations.

The policies and procedures for issues related to employee (student employees, faculty and staff) substance abuse are found in Human Resources Policy and Procedure Number 14.0. The policies and procedures related to student organizations and the students' substance abuse, including alcohol abuse, are found in the Code of Student Conduct and applicable contracts such as housing contracts.

Administrative Regulation 6:5, Tobacco Policy (AR 6:5)

The University of Kentucky has a vital interest in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our students, employees, patients and visitors. Research findings show that use of tobacco products in general constitutes a significant health hazard. The health care and health education programs of the University perform an important function by demonstrating and promoting healthy lifestyles through activities such as curtailment of the use of tobacco products. In addition, tobacco use is a serious safety concern and has been specifically listed as a contributing factor in a number of university facility fires across the nation, many of which have resulted in fatalities or major damage.

Administrative Regulation 6:10, Hazing Prevention Policy (AR 6:10)

This Administrative Regulation establishes the University’s hazing prevention policy. As part of its commitment to promoting a safe and healthy campus environment for the University community and cultivating a culture that fosters respect for the dignity and rights of all its members, the University does not tolerate hazing activities by any members of the University community.

Administrative Regulation 9:1, Regulations Governing Time, Place, and Manner of Meetings, Demonstrations, and other Assemblies (AR 9:1)

Consistent with the United States and Commonwealth Constitutions, all members of the University community have a right to free expression, assembly, and advocacy in a peaceful manner.  The University does not impose restrictions on speech except where such restrictions are reasonable, justified without reference to the content of the speech, narrowly tailored to serve a significant university interest, and leave open ample alternative channels of communication.  This Administrative Regulation is established in order to facilitate the effective use and enjoyment of University facilities for the exercise of such rights and to minimize conflict between the form of their exercise and the rights of others in the effective use of University facilities.  

Administrative Regulation 9:2, Use of University Facilities by Registered Student Organizations (AR 9:2)

In conformity with the Code of Student Conduct, this regulation establishes the rules regarding the use of University facilities by registered student organizations.

Administrative Regulation 9:9, Speakers From Off-Campus (AR 9:9)

This regulation summarizes the need for and expectations regarding outside speakers on campus.