Involvement Lingo

If you hang out around our office long enough you will find that we have a language all of our own. Below is a short list of words you might hear us throw around that you don’t know. Have a suggested word? Email and let us know, so we can add it to the growing list!



Student and Academic Life. Consists of four units: Academic Enrichment, Dean of Students, Student and Academic Support, Student Health and Wellness.



Dean of Students. This is the SAL unit containing Student Organizations and Activities, as well as Community of Concern, Fraternity and Sorority Life, and Student Code of Conduct.



The Office of Student Organizations and Activities (SOA) staff help students create a meaningful and memorable college experience at UK. We inspire students to explore the many opportunities for involvement in UK’s community beyond the classroom and residence life experience. We encourage students to make connections—to their own interests, concerns and passions while learning from each other. We provide students with the tools to make a real-world impact, following their own, personal vision for change and service.



The purpose of the Student Activities Board (SAB) is to enhance the college experience by providing students and other members of the campus and local communities with entertaining, educational and/or enriching programs that are reflective of contemporary issues and trends. To view the event calendar or learn more about SAB, visit



The University of Kentucky Student Government Association (UKSGA) represents all undergraduate, graduate and professional students enrolled at the University in several critical ways. UKSGA exists to increase student influence over academic policy and to provide many helpful, creative and necessary student services. UKSGA also exists to protect and expand student substantive and procedural rights with the University and surrounding municipalities. Finally, UKSGA exists to better represent the student body in relations with faculty, administration, Board of Trustees and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. For more information visit our website:



The mission of the CCO is to serve, connect, and unite the University of Kentucky with the surrounding community through collaborative efforts to promote life-long community service. Visit to learn more about the work we do on campus and in the community.



The mission of WRFL is to educate the station members, the greater Lexington community, and the students of the University of Kentucky through its programming in the spirit of the station's noncommercial, educational license. WRFL programming will aim to solely feature artists and genres which are typically unavailable on Lexington's commercial stations. For more information, please visit



Involvement Advising is an opportunity for you to e-mail with, talk to virtual or via phone, and/or meet in person with an Involvement Advising Coordinator (a peer leader) to learn more about getting involved on campus.



Event Management System (EMS) is the event scheduling software used to request space in Blazer Dining, Campus Recreation, Funkhouser Building, Memorial Hall, White Hall Classroom Building, The 90, and outdoor locations on campus. EMS is also used to submit event proposals for any event held on campus when that space is not available to be reserved through EMS (i.e., Singletary Center for the Arts, W.T. Young Library, Memorial Coliseum, etc.).



As the campus hub for event planning and management, the Office of University Events exists to guide your organization through UK’s event submission process. This office manages the Event Management System (EMS) and can assist you in finding space on campus and reserving space for your meetings and events.



BBNvolved is your go to place to find student organizations on campus.  You can log in with your LinkBlue ID and password to browse organizations, engage with your organization members, request an involvement advising appointment, and more.  All things student organizations can be found on BBNvolved.



To remain affiliated with SOA and have access to its resources, organizations are required to re-register once per academic year. There are two windows for registration (in the fall and in the spring) during the year. Students wishing to start an organization may begin the process during either of these time frames. Basic components of registration include attending a registration meeting, updating organization information on BBNvolved (or creating a page if a new organization), and completion of the advisor form. More information can be found at



All student organizations are required to have a full-time faculty or staff member serve as their professional advisor.  Serving as an advisor gives organizations the chance to exist and operate on campus, allowing the students to participate in campus life and gain valuable leadership experience.  The level of involvement for advisors varies from organization to organization. The role of the advisor is to serve as a professional resource to students as they work to manage their organization. The advisor oversees the general functions of the group, provides insight into group operations, and assists the group in whichever ways they see fit.  The advisor is also required to serve as a Campus Security Authority, which involves a brief training.