Registration and COVID Training Status

Use the following document to view what has been submitted and processed by our office for your organization's registration or COVID event safety training.  If you do not see your organization's name, that means that we have not recieved any form submissions from your organization for the current academic year.  The dates in each column denote the date that your form was processed by a staff member from the Office of Student Organizations and Activities.


Note that this document does not update in sync with BBNvolved form submissions.  If you submitted any materials after the time listed under "Document Last Updated" that means we may have recieved your submission on BBNvolved, but it has not yet been logged by our office.  If you do not see a submission that you are expecting, please confirm that it was fully submitted on BBNvolved.


Contact with any questions or issues.

Open the full organization status document for easier visibility:


Understanding the Document

Registration Status:


Approved Your organization's registration has been approved on BBNvolved and you are officially registered with the university.  An organization's registration will not be approved until each of the 5 columns on the left have been completed.
Returned Your organization's registration has been returned to you for updates.  These updates may include missing information, officer inelegibility, and more.  Refer to the comments on your registration submission for more information.  You can access your previous submission by clicking this link
Pending Your registration form has been recieved by our office.  It is currently being reviewed and processed.
Blank Our office has not yet recieved your registration form.  Please ensure that it has been successfully submitted.
Not Listed We have not recieved any submissions from any of the three registration steps for your organization.  Please review the registrations steps here:


COVID Event Safety Training:


Yes Your COVID event safety training has been recieved and logged.  Your organization has met the requirements.
Pending Your organization's training has been recieved by our office.  It is currently being reviewed and processed.
No The submitted training had an issue and was returned to you for corrections.  Please review the comments listed on your form submission by visiting this link:
Blank Our office has not yet recieved your required COVID event safety training.  Please review the University's updated events policy and complete the training linked here: