UK Event Policies and Procedures

Please note that Registered Student Organizations affiliated with the Fraternity and Sorority Life Office should contact for event information. Additionally, Club Sports teams should contact Mark Lattin at for event information.


Beginning Friday, September 24th, a new policy from the Dean of Students Office will take effect regarding all activities and events hosted by registered student organizations. This policy outlines the requirements for all student organizations to follow when hosting events of any kind on or off-campus. Find full information on the policy here.


According to the Student Code of Conduct, a “UK Activity” means any activity on or off UK Premises that is aided, approved, sponsored, or supervised by UK or a Registered Student Organization.


This means that you must follow the below steps for all on and off-campus events, meetings, and activities hosted by your registered student organizations:


Step 1:

  • Once you have solidified your event details, you will submit your event or meeting (on or off-campus) to the University Events, Event Management System (EMS).
    • NOTE: Events must be submitted to EMS at least two weeks in advance

Step 2:

  • After you have submitted your event on EMS, you will need to submit your event on BBNvolved.
    • Note: You will need the Reservation Number (ID) for your event in order to submit it to BBNvolved. This can be found under the “My Requests” tab on the EMS website for the person in the organization who submitted the event. You can also find it on the automated summary you receive from University Events after submitting your event or meeting in EMS.

Step 3:

  • Your event is now under review and depending on the type of activity, your event may require a risk reduction consultation with a UK Professional Staff Member. Your event may also be recommended or required to have Event Monitors. You will be notified of these requirements or recommendations via an email from the Office of University Events.
    • NOTE: If your event or meeting requires a risk reduction consultation, you will need to schedule that consultation via the link in your email notification from the Office of University Events. 

Step 4:

  • Once you have completed the required items, your event or meeting will:
    •  1 - Continue through the remainder of the event approval process with the Office of University Events.
    •  2 - Be shown on BBNvolved within 24 business hours.





What if I already have an event on BBNvolved?

All events that are submitted or are pending on or after Friday, September 24th will be subject to the new registration and review process. Additionally, any event submitted before Friday, September 24th that has not yet occurred may be subject to the new registration and review process.


What registered student organizations have to follow this process?

All registered student organizations (including Sponsored Student Organizations, Fraternities and Sororities, and Club Sports) must adhere to these new guidelines. Student organizations affiliated with the Fraternity and Sorority Life office should contact for information on how to follow these new policies and guidelines. Club sports teams should contact for information on how to follow these new policies and guidelines.


Why do I have to submit my off-campus event to the University Events EMS system?

We know that planning events that create community are a key part of your organization’s continued success. You provide belonging and support for many of our students on campus and we want to help you safely continue this community building by providing some prompts and additional resources. This includes some additional questions that allow you to consider important parts of the University’s event and meeting guidelines and policies, along with direct support from full-time professional staff members who can provide feedback and best practices regarding your event.


University Events staff are also here to help you walk through the process of planning your event so your organization can be as successful as possible. You can contact University Events through their email at


What is a COVID Safety Support (CSS)?

The purpose of the COVID Safety Support Team is to provide on-site guidance and assistance to Registered Student Organization (RSO) event hosts and on-campus facility managers to encourage adherence to the University's current COVID Safety Guidelines.


How will I know if a CSS will be at my event or meeting?

Your planning event contact (as listed on your event submission) will receive an email notification from University Events prior to your event.


Does my organization have to pay for the CSS to be at my event or meeting?

No. This cost will be covered by the university to ensure that your event is as successful as possible.


How can I track attendance?

There are many ways to track attendance, but we recommend utilizing Event Pass and the Event Check-In App as this information automatically populates into BBNvolved. Find out more about Event Pass here. Alternative ways to track attendance can be found here.


What is an Event Pass? What is the Event Pass attendance tracking system?

An Event Pass is an individualized QR Code for all members of the University of Kentucky community with a LinkBlue ID. This QR Code serves as your entrance ticket to campus events. A tutorial on how to download Event Pass can be found here.


The Event Pass attendance tracking system is an app that can be downloaded to any Apple product and used to scan Event Pass QR Codes in order to track attendance at events. We recommend utilizing the Event Pass attendance tracking system as it is contactless and user-friendly. More information on how to activate this type of attendance tracking can be found here.


Does this apply to virtual or online events? Can I still submit those through BBNvolved?

No! You can still submit your virtual or online event to BBNvolved. Just select that your event is virtual/online when you begin your event submission. You are not required to submit your virtual/online event to the University Events EMS system.


Who do I contact If have additional questions?

For event-related questions, email or call (859) 323-8054 between 8am-5pm Monday through Friday. For BBNvolved related questions, email or call (859) 257-8867 between 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.